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Barefoot in Baja

Women's Retreat!

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Join us June 23-28, 2017 for a restorative retreat in Baja, Mexico!

We have created this women's retreat with YOU in mind. This 5 day retreat will take place June 23-28, 2017 in magical Todos Santos on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.
"We need Women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free"-Kavita Ramdas


An Invitation Just for YOU!

We are living in a time of overwhelm, overwork, busy schedules and long to do lists that just never seem to end. We have been programmed to put our health and well being last and the needs of others and our obligations first. Well, we are here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way! 


Both Dr Sonya Jensen and Dr Natalie Rahr have been working with women and their families for the last several years and have seen what this way of living has done to a Woman's health and relationships, not just with her loved ones but also with herself. So, we came up with a solution. 

We invite YOU to be a part of an experience that will nurture you, fulfill you, rejuvenate you, and help you feel like your true authentic self, so you can bring that same authenticity back into your daily life.


We have created this retreat with YOU in mind. This 5 day retreat will take place June 23-28, 2017 in magical Todos Santos on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. That's right YOU get a break!


We are very drawn to this part of Mexico, it is a place we have visited frequently because of the desert, ocean, and overwhelming feeling of being at home. The retreat space we have chosen is located on a quiet and expansive beach less than 2 miles from town. 

What to Expect


  • Daily gentle yoga, meditation, and breath work (no experience necessary)


  • 3 Nourishing Meals (option for guided fasting is available)


  • Processing through Art and Expression 


  • Tailored One on One and Group Care (Craniosacral and Acupuncture)


  • Free time to read, walk along the beach, go into town, play near the ocean or just have a cup of tea, including one whole evening to explore town and the area


  • Meet like-minded Women and create meaningful connections

You may never want to leave...


All rooms have a bathroom. Shared and private sleeping options.
Delicious and
Nourishing Meals

Local and organic ingredients. 3 meals per day. Guided fasting option is available. 

Discover your creative side as you process and express with art
Enjoy 3 acres of outdoor desert and ocean, a large kitchen, private and common patios and a relaxing pool!
BONUS! Put your smart phone away! We have a creative photographer providing beautiful photos and documentation of YOUR trip for YOU.
About Your Hosts
Dr Sonya and Dr Natalie became instant soul sisters when they met many years ago while travelling in India. With a deep commitment to serving women and families, they witness the needs for so many for nurturing, community, and support. The creation of this retreat is a direct reflection of their mutual intentions to elevate women and make space for healing.
Tara has had a camera in her hand since she was sixteen years old, and a passion for healing arts since she was thirteen. Marrying these two things in retreat photography is a dream come true. Tara met Dr. Natalie at a retreat six years ago, and the two have been working, travelling and winning at life with one another ever since. 
You can learn more about Tara and see some of her photo and video work here: BlackFeather Pictures

Unplug and reconnect with YOU


Art, Healing, Expression


Get reconnected with your creative spirit. It's time to reprogram that voice inside that tells you "not today", 'I'm too busy", "I have too much to do", "there's no time!".

Experience gentle exercises to guide you through the creative process and tap in to a place inside you that may not get enough attention! We generally are programmed to dedicate our time to being productive and busy. Art and expressive exercises allow you to surrender, to breathe, to slow down and to get in touch with the simplicity of being and creating. No art skills are required, we will all take part in nurturing activities to feed our souls with no judgement of skill level or what the finished product looks like. This is purely personal work.























Come and Receive 


Now is your chance to get a break. To sit back and to receive. Guilt free!

Even with all our knowledge of how to take care of ourselves we can become overwhelmed. Whether it's exercise, relaxing, getting on a new eating plan, it can feel like just another thing to DO.

We invite you to come and BE. Come and RECEIVE. Chances are you DO too much and you don't spend enough of your time receiving. Let's change that!


Throughout the retreat we have dedicated time to your individual care, both one on one with us as well as with the group. Receive acupuncture and craniosacral therapy twice while in a healing circle with the group. Experience drumming and sound healing throughout the sessions. Options to add on individual Acupuncture and Craniosacral sessions on the alternate days are available. 

Hours of silence and free time will be planned to give you space, quiet, obligation-free time for YOU. 

Tender Loving Care

"When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace" - unknown


Yoga, Meditation, Breath


What if...

YOU started to believe that life is happening FOR you

and not TO you?

What if...

YOU started to believe that YOU are worth it, YOU do

deserve it, and happiness is YOUR birthright?

What would life look like then?

Through the experience of yoga and breath we bring

back the missing pieces of ourselves and merge with

them again, renewed and replenished. Let us help

you get back in touch with all parts of yourself.

Through movement and breath, reconnect and start 

feeling like yourself again!

Sample Schedule



7:00 AM - 8:30 AM Gentle Morning Yoga, Meditation and Breath

9:00 AM Breakfast and Free Time

11:00 AM Soulful Art Activity

12:00 PM Breathwork

Afternoon in Silence till 5PM

1:00 PM Lunch and Free Time

3:30 PM Sound Healing and Group Acupuncture/Craniosacral

5:00 PM Tea and Teachings

6:00 PM Dinner

7:30 PM Gentle Evening Yoga and Meditation followed by group check-in.

YOUR oasis is waiting for YOU


It's YOUR Turn


In this day and age, we are busier than ever. We have lost sight of our communities, what we always envisioned for our lives, and who the person is underneath all the obligations. We have always taken care of others, we have suffered quietly, we have found it a challenge to create space and time for ourselves and for the things we love the most. It is easier than ever to put ourselves last. That stops now!​

Our vision for this retreat is to provide a place to enter bliss. We are your community and we experience the same struggles. This retreat is an opportunity to break patterns, to learn to receive again and to come home feeling fulfilled, refreshed, renewed and with tools to maintain a new balance in our lives.

This is YOUR oasis. Come join us for a transformative and nurturing 5 days immersed in the magic of YOU!

Book now


Treat Yourself. You Are Worth It!

Thank you everyone, this retreat is sold out. Look for our next one in January/February 2018

Suite #1-3

Single or Double Occupancy SOLD OUT

1 Queen sized bed. Private bathroom.

All rooms have deck and beautiful garden and ocean views.

Your investment includes 3 meals per day, photography 

and all retreat activities. Flights not included.

$2097 USD single occupancy



$1897 USD per person double occupancy (shared bed)


Suite #4 SOLD OUT

Triple Occupancy 

3 Twin beds. Private bathroom.

Deck and beautiful garden and ocean views.

Your investment includes 3 meals per day, photography

and all retreat activities. Flights not included.

$1497 USD per person


Suite#5 SOLD OUT

Triple Occupancy

2 Twin beds and 1 King sized bed. Private bathroom.

Deck and beautiful garden and ocean views.

Your investment includes 3 meals per day, photography

and all retreat activities. Flights not included.

$1497 USD per person for twin bed



$1797 USD for king sized bed (1 person)




$1497 USD per person to share king sized bed


Reserve Your Spot Today!

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