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Helping Women Heal in the DTES

DTES = serious grit and serious beauty

For every session of Community Acupuncture that I do in my practice, I do a session for the women of the downtown eastside. When you book in, this helps to cover the costs!

So, after a busy session of community acupuncture on Saturday, September 24, I spent Monday afternoon and evening in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, providing community acupuncture to the women of the community, both at the day drop-in centre and the night emergency shelter. I had the privilege of treating 15 women.

Armed with my mobile acupuncture supply kit, mostly supplied by Eastern Currents, I get to take part, in a small way, in the goings on in this community.

I love this medicine of reciprocity and the women I get to connect with. These women come from such varying walks of life and there is a depth to their experiences that hits me as raw and very real, in a way that you or I don't experience this life.

This work feeds my soul.

Thank you to everyone who has booked in for community acupuncture so far! It's been heartwarming to see you and to gather the community to bridge the gap in care for the women of the DTES.

Next session of Community Acupuncture to Help Women Heal is happening on October 22, 3-6 PM at Ravita Health in Kitsilano. 2691 West Broadway.

Spots are limited so reserve yours soon!

Much gratitude to you, see you at community acupuncture!

Dr. Natalie Rahr, ND

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