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Helping Women Heal in the DTES

DTES = serious grit and serious beauty For every session of Community Acupuncture that I do in my practice, I do a session for the women of the downtown eastside. When you book in, this helps to cover the costs! So, after a busy session of community acupuncture on Saturday, September 24, I spent Monday afternoon and evening in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, providing community acupuncture to the women of the community, both at the day drop-in centre and the night emergency shelter. I had the privilege of treating 15 women. Armed with my mobile acupuncture supply kit, mostly supplied by Eastern Currents, I get to take part, in a small way, in the goings on in this community. I love this medic

My Month of Carbs

Watch and read! If you're a patient of mine, we have likely talked about how a carbohydrate and sugar rich diet can sabotage your health. That said, we are all human! And carbohydrates can be almost IMPOSSIBLE to escape or replace at times, especially when traveling. While I tend to practice what I preach (mostly ;) ), I too am always learning. When I look back at my own health journey, I became less and less able to tolerate carbohydrates in my diet after long periods of stress in my life. And a typical day in the life of me requires a mostly low carb diet, rich in good fats, veggies and protein. And then my husband and I traveled to France for a month... And what did I learn from this expe

Everyday ADDvice

Are you or someone you love living with ADD/ADHD? Help and advice is nearby! I am so pleased to announce that I am a contributor to this new ADHD online magazine! Karen Ryan is the mastermind behind this. First issue is coming October 2016. Check out the website for lots of advice for living with ADHD and to subscribe! Follow and like on Facebook and Twitter. Questions about treating ADD/ADHD naturally? Check back for my future contributions to everyday ADDvice and contact me at or 778-858-7247. Dr. Natalie

Is Your Gut Friend or Foe?

Reprinted by permission from the Gastrointestinal Society. Originally published on page 18 of the Inside Tract® newsletter, Issue 193, 2015. ©Gastrointestinal Society “All disease begins in the gut” Hippocrates made this statement more than 2,000 years ago. Since then, much has changed in medicine. However, this theory remains of great interest in the medical community, especially when considering the terrain of the individual, how robust their immune system may or may not be, and determining ways to treat our modern day chronic illnesses. We live in an age when having a diagnosis of some kind is almost as common as having a job. We hear the terms IBS, IBD, autoimmune disease, hormone imbala

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